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Living Free

Living Free is an addictions support group, a ministry of
Calvary Church in Wyncote PA.

Rick Dodridge is facilitator who has almost 40 years in the addictions field, leading 40 residential men and women and 20 staff.

We meet every Thursday evening and during this covid time, we are doing our weekly meeting via zoom. You are welcoming to join us for an hour to connect, contribute and cultivate ourselves, others, and our relationship with God!

Rita L joins me as co-facilitator to provide a place for you to listen and if you’d like, share your struggles and victories to help others. That’s what it’s all about, we’re not alone, we need to challenge each other to freedom!

We have a Living Free Facebook page, by invitation only. Please contact me if you are interested in becoming a part of our Living Free family!


Rick Dodridge

Phone: 215 806 9084


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