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Reverend Harris

Founder / House of Restoration

I was married to the late Carvey L. Harris for more than 48 years and have been walking with the Lord for more than 50 years. When my husband passed away in November of 2012 all I had was the Lord to keep me going.  Yes, I had my children but that is not the same as a husband.  Then one day I realized, Lord it's just you and me. ​

Today I am still totally committed to the Lord and to seeing lives restored.  That is why I'm here.  I firmly believe that is why all believers in our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ are here, to make life better for as many hurting people as we can.

I have a heart for those caught up in addiction.  One reason I'm so passionate is because I have had several family members that are now or have been in the past, stuck in that lifestyle.  At least two have died because of their addiction. ​

I know the pain of losing a loved one as a result of their addiction.  I also know the pain a mother feels when her child is caught in addiction and seems so far gone there is no hope.  I now know the pain of that mother losing one of her children to addiction.  I am that mother.  It is a pain that is unbearable if it were not for the Lord.  There is no word that can describe the pain that is in your heart.  I have heard people say the worst pain in the world is childbirth.  I am a living witness that is not true.  Child loss is far worse.  My son passed away on December 20, 2019, and I am still in recovery.  The pain is just below the surface.

BUT, I know the victory we have in Jesus and refuse to stop until either, the epidemic ends or the Lord calls me home.  After losing my son I am even more passionate because satan WILL NOT defeat me.  I WIN in the name of Jesus.  Note the name of the one who is trying to stop us is spelled with a lower case “s”, it’s not a typo it is intentional, he doesn’t rate being capitalized.  he (no typo) is under my feet and yours too. ​

I have peace in knowing that if the Lord calls me home before the epidemic is over my children will continue the battle.  We are full of righteous indignation and the Board of Directors of Harris Family Ministries Inc. stands with us. ​

I am so blessed, I have 3 grown children, one now deceased, 11 grandchildren, and 2 great-grandchildren.  I must also let it be known that I am a blessed mother-in-law because I can honestly say that I love my in-law children just as though they are my own and I believe they love me the same way. ​

As a family, we are all fierce about ending addiction and improving lives in a manner that will advance the Kingdom of God.

Our goal is to touch as many lives as we can and bring more of the joy of Jesus to as many as we can. ​

We have authority, in the name of Jesus, to call our loved ones out of that darkness of addiction and that is what we tried to do.  However, we must realize that their will is involved but, we won't stop until we call as many in as we can.  We want to help you claim your loved ones back.  That is why we founded The House of Restoration.  We will reach one soul at a time. ​

Please keep our House of Restoration in your prayers so that we can restore the lives of many women & children.  With the children never living a life of addiction.

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