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What Else is at the Hem of His Garment ?

Mark 5: 25 – 43

We know about the woman with the issue of blood. We know that when the woman touched the hem of His garment she was instantly healed. We also know that this woman was operating in total and desperate faith. There was nothing that could help her but Jesus.


That is where many of us are today but unfortunately, we are so busy and caught up in things of the world we look everywhere except to Jesus. We, especially as the body of Christ, must focus more on Him. Look at what happened as soon as Jesus finished dealing with the woman with the issue of
blood. No name was given to this woman in the bible so this is how she is spoken of. In verse 34 Jesus said to her, Daughter, thy faith hath made thee whole; go in peace, and be whole of thy plague. She was made whole of her plague, what do you think after that? The bible doesn’t specifically say any more about her but I am sure she spread the news of her healing faster than Facebook, and that’s fast. She told, they told and then they told. The word was spread like wildfire.
Before He could finish dealing with this woman another from the ruler of the synagogue’s house saying his daughter is dead and to paraphrase he said to leave the Master alone it’s too late she’s already dead. Jesus heard this and in verse 36 He said be not afraid only believe. Believe is the key to mountain-moving faith.


In verse 37 it says He suffered no man to follow Him. He didn’t want them to follow Him because they didn’t believe and He did not want to deal with their unbelieving mouths. Can’t you just see them following Him saying I don’t know why He is even going you know she is already dead, they already told Him that He needs to get some rest or stay here and minister to me. Anyway, Jesus left and went to the damsel, and again to paraphrase He asked what is all this wailing about? She is not
dead she is just asleep. They laughed Him to scorn. I wish the bible told what they said when they saw the damsel up and walking around. He simply said damsel arise and she got up and they were instructed to feed her. That is at the hem of His garment as well. LIFE! Not just healing but life. New life as He told the damsel to arise He is telling us to arise! Go and proclaim His name bare witness of Him. You know like Go ye, therefore! Get up and Go!

John the Baptist baptized Jesus but God the Father anointed Him. The oil of the anointing starts at the head and flows down, so the hem of His garment was heavy laden with the anointing power it was all saturated in the thickness of the hem of the Garment. It still is, it’s there just settled in the thickness of the hem waiting to be used. There is so much power waiting in the thickness of the hem of His garment just waiting for us to come and squeeze some of it out. To give you a good analogy of what I’m trying to explain. You can see it today with the automatic washing machines but back in the day of the ringer washing machines after it went through the wash cycle, which was however long you wanted it to be you would take the garments and in my family, they would put the top of the garment in first and run it through the wringer and you would see the water being
squeezed out of the garment but when you got to the bottom/hem you would get this big swish like sound and all of the water that had been pushed to the bottom of the garment would come out of the hem because the hem had that fold in it which held more water.


So, what I’m trying to say here is that the greater anointing is in the hem because it flows down! Go to the hem and get your anointing Jesus is waiting there to give it to you. We really need to get back to the old-fashion prayer meetings when they would just pour the oil on you. Get that anointing! I have been ministering in prayer services and you get to a certain sister and she would whisper “don’t put oil in my hair I just washed my hair. Well… my thought is ok because you are not flowing with the Holy Spirit anyway. We really need to get back to flowing with the Spirit, I don’t mean people going crazy.

There is so much untapped power at the hem of His garment and we need to let go
of self and receive what God has for us and then take it to the street.

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