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January 2023

It is common knowledge that when hope is lost tragedy will rear its ugly head. If a person lost at sea gives up hope of being found their natural human instinct of self-preservation becomes diminished and so do their chances of survival. 

Dear Supporters, Friends and those with caring hearts,

To update you on what is going on with HFM as we enter 2023, we have really been working very hard behind the scenes trying to seek out a house. Since we are Faith-based, it is very hard to obtain grants.

We don’t want to open our doors with the resources we have and then after a few months close them because we have run out of funding. We don’t want our mothers to just start seeing a better way and then all of a sudden, the program is gone. They can see the better way but aren’t yet strong enough to make it on their own.

We will be reaching out to local and out-of-town churches to try to gain enough support so that we can go through with the process of changing and saving lives as well as souls. We are seeking help from private individuals as well.

As many of you know we operated out of my home for three years and did have one graduation. However, not all donors and especially Faith-based donors see that as being sufficient success. I can honestly understand. However, having lost a son to addiction, I know the pain it causes, and my heart cries for the families that are dealing with a loved one that is struggling with addiction. The victims are the children who are being raised in a home where there is either no father and the mother is wrestling in that lifestyle, or a home where both parents are struggling. Could also be a home where one parent is in addiction and the other is clean. Just imagine the turmoil that is going on in those homes! Children are being traumatized! In many cases another generation lost!

Since the pandemic, this epidemic has increased greatly. This can be verified by the news media daily. Thousands are dying daily leaving children to be reared by one parent or grandparents or the Foster Care system.

PLEASE!!! HELP US!! We have an opportunity very close at hand that we can obtain property, but we don’t have the funds or steady income that we could keep it going for any length of time.

Right now, we all volunteer our skills and services, but once we open our doors, we will have at least three people we will have to pay to keep those doors open.

Please help us help the lost and hurting sheep.

In the service of THE KING,

-Rev. Georgiana C. Harris

& the Board of Directors of Harris Family Ministries, Inc


February 2023

February 2023

We held our first graduation service in October and at this writing our graduate is doing fantastic.  She had a few bumps in the road as a result of making bad choices, not drug related, but they have become a learning tool for her. 


She is now back working in her family's business and in her church working with the youth and being a good mom o her son.  Knowing what is going on in her life let's us know that our labor in not in vain.

We are now having a $1,000,000 fund raising campaign.  We are still looking for a larger building and need really qualified staffing.  We have an Executive Director in mind who has 35 years of experience (not on staff yet) and a program director with 27 years experience who is volunteering her services.

We need your help to raise this amount of funds.  It's truly our hearts desire to restore many, many young women back to Christ and to keep their children from ever living a life of addiction but we can't do it without your help. 


Any one of these women could be your sister, your daughter or even could have been your mother at one time.  The children could be your grandchildren, niece or nephew.  Again I say we need your help.


I can't stress it enough, WE NEED YOUR HELP, PLEASE.


August  2021

It is common knowledge that when hope is lost tragedy will rear its ugly head. If a person lost at sea gives up hope of being found their natural human instinct of self-preservation becomes diminished and so do their chances of survival. The point is this, in times of hardship, hope causes us to hold on just a little bit longer.

In the darkness of times, hope becomes a slight glimmer of light that drives us to anticipate the breaking of the day. Hope is the gut-felt belief that help is on the way.


During this period of the Pandemic, there has been an uptick in drug abuse, alcoholism and suicide are at an all-time high.  

It seems to many that all hope is lost.  


This brings me to the Good News! 


There is a Citadel of Hope in the works, a house built on hope.   A veritable lighthouse for women lost in the sea of addiction and despair, or those who are fighting to survive life-altering issues.


Harris Family Ministries’ House of Restoration is on the way.

~Rev. Isaiah Jones

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