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It is common knowledge that when hope is lost tragedy will rear its ugly head. If a person lost at sea gives up hope of being found their natural human instinct of self-preservation becomes diminished and so do their chances of survival. The point is this, in times of hardship, hope causes us to hold on just a little bit longer.

In the darkness of times, hope becomes a slight glimmer of light that drives us to anticipate the breaking of the day. Hope is the gut-felt belief that help is on the way.


During this period of the Pandemic, there has been an uptick in drug abuse, alcoholism and suicide are at an all-time high.  

It seems to many that all hope is lost.  


This brings me to the Good News! 


There is a Citadel of Hope in the works, a house built on hope.   A veritable lighthouse for women lost in the sea of addiction and despair, or those who are fighting to survive life-altering issues.


Harris Family Ministries’ House of Restoration is on the way.

~Rev. Isaiah Jones

August  2021

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